About Us


Welcome to Olivia Rose Boutique! I'm Kelly and owning my own store has been a lifelong dream. 

I grew up in Southern Illinois and ended up in Phoenix where I worked for Marriott Hotels for 12 years.

The two questions I get asked most are, (1) "Why would you leave a great job in a big city and move back to Illinois"? (2) "Where did you get the name for the boutique"? The answer to both questions is exactly the same, family and friends.

After 9 years of infertility, Jason and I welcomed our son Jake in 2017. Our beautiful daughter Olivia arrived in 2019. We knew by an ultrasound at 20 weeks that she was going to need "extra care", we just weren't sure exactly what that meant. She was born in October, and spent seven weeks in the NICU. After much thought and prayer, we made the decision to bring her home under hospice care. Olivia passed away in early December. 

I share this story with you, not for sympathy, but for immense gratitude. Olivia changed us in so many ways, and brought people into our lives that we would have never crossed paths with otherwise. We are beyond grateful for each day we got to spend with her. She is also the one who lead us back "home" to be close to our family and friends. 

We felt that naming the boutique after her was a perfect way to keep her memory alive. 

We were fortunate enough to welcome our daughter, Ava, in February 2021.

 We can't wait to welcome you in!